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Voice over



Music Composition

We specialize in many different music styles incorporating the expertise of professional orchestrators and musicians to best meet your needs.

We’ve  have sampled various instruments and recorded sounds from all over the world.

We are using the best virtual instruments combining them with live recordings to produce affordable Hollywood sounding music and sound FX.

We have a huge collections of synthesizers and instruments.

Along with professional audio engineers we produce Hollywood sounding music and sound effect to best suit your needs.

With more than 30 years of collective experience our music team can perfectly match the visual theme of your game

Creating a truly immersive audio visual experience.

We create original sound effects based on customized recordings that can help your game stand apart from your competition.

Voice over

We collaborate with a huge team of voice actors creating a professional, unique and amazing sounding result that perfectly fits your project. Using the same techniques, equipment and software with many blockbuster Hollywood films we can also create custom voices of aliens, dragons, ogres and whatever you need for your game.


Do you need the best possible sound for your project? We got you covered! We have an extended and unique network with some of the best orchestras in Europe that can give you the most natural sounding result possible.

Our experience music team will guide you, offer you options and help you decide about the best options for the music and sound effect of your project.

Cut of the edge equipment to capture the most fitting sounds through field recording tailored to your needs.

Mixing and Mastering Service

Even the most unique musical pieces and sound effects can sound dull without a proper post production. Using high-end equipment and a highly experienced music team we create amazing sounding musical themes, voice overs and sound effects that will sound amazing even on every medium, from a mobile phone to a really expensive set of speakers.

Using advanced techniques and high-end professional equipment we manage to create unique compositions exactly suited to your needs.